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Comfortable or Complacent?

With 2013 beginning to wind down, many people will use this time of year to take stock in their lives.  One part of that introspection will often include one’s career.  Individuals who have been doing the same job for multiple … Continue reading

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Motivating “Cruise Control” Employees

You know this person. He arrives at 8:00 a.m. and clocks out exactly at 5:00 p.m. –never a minute late on either end.  He does what is assigned and his work performance is satisfactory.  He has been doing the same … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Innovation in the Office

At times during my career, I have been part of teams that feared new ideas.  In today’s markets, when teams fear trying new ideas, businesses can quickly become outdated.  In order to create a culture that embraces innovation, you have … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome

The other day I was reading about Impostor Syndrome.  In short, Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenal where individuals cannot internalize their accomplishments.  They cannot credit their success to their talents and abilities, rather they see their success as being … Continue reading

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Passed Over for an Internal Job: Should You Tell Your Boss

Two years ago, I penned some thoughts about career options if individuals find themselves passed over for a promotion/internal job at their current employer.  Yesterday, I wrote about how to interact with the new boss if one should decide to … Continue reading

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Career Change? First Step – Take Some Time

In 2007. a senior executive was transitioning out of her corporate career after 20+ years of service at Fortune 10 company.  She had been part of several of cross-functional teams, developed expertise in multiple business units, and she was one of … Continue reading

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Job Offer Evaluation – Success

A few days ago, I began a series of blog entries focused on the process of evaluating a job offer.  My first installment dealt with salary as this is often the first item a candidate focuses on when considering an offer of … Continue reading

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