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My son is 7 months old and is trying to crawl.  His ultimate goal is to cross the carpet the requisite 3 feet to reach the remote control that is currently on the floor.  It is a noble goal and … Continue reading

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Comfortable or Complacent?

With 2013 beginning to wind down, many people will use this time of year to take stock in their lives.  One part of that introspection will often include one’s career.  Individuals who have been doing the same job for multiple … Continue reading

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Career Fair Tips

Today marks the beginning of Career Fair Week at Carnegie Mellon.  By Friday, over 350 firms and 1000+ employer reps will have descended onto campus to meet and interview CMU students.  So how does one prepare for a career fair? … Continue reading

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Advice for the Class of 2014

As many readers know, I work at a Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center.  Prior to this, I was at Notre Dame’s Career Center.  In short, the past 12+ years I have been working with talented young adults who … Continue reading

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Proactive Prospecting

Many of us will start our career networking efforts once a suitable job is posted at an employer of choice – the idea being if you can find someone who can pass along your resume internally, you stand a better … Continue reading

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How Long?

Recently I read where experts suggest you should plan on your job search taking 1 month per $10,000 in salary…in short, plan on searching for 6 months for a $60,000 job.  While this is just an old measuring stick that … Continue reading

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Handling Rejection Like a Kindergartener

I have small children and periodically they will come to me upset about losing a game or competition to a sibling.  Patrick, my six-year old son, often is the one who comes to me or my wife to voice his … Continue reading

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