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Comfortable or Complacent?

With 2013 beginning to wind down, many people will use this time of year to take stock in their lives.  One part of that introspection will often include one’s career.  Individuals who have been doing the same job for multiple … Continue reading

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Thank you Mick Jagger

“Remember that not getting what you want  is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”  – Dalai Lama I read the above quote and it reminded me of the many happenstance times in my life that I was convinced I knew … Continue reading

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My Job Search Story: The Decision to Stay or Go

I have blogged over the past couple of years about various job search and career management strategies.  In the past, some have commented, while they appreciate my advice, that I did not understand what it is like to be out … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Thoughts

This past Sunday was “Father’s Day”.  A day where dads receive ties from their kids and they are allowed an afternoon of watching golf or baseball without interruption.  As I opened my very colorful tie selection and read my kids’ … Continue reading

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Where Are You Running?

Burned out at work?  Tired of your routine?  Putting in 80 hours a week and no raises in the past two years? Boss giving you ulcers?  You may find yourself in an unhealthy work space and decide you need to … Continue reading

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Go Where Your Eyes Are

When I was 14, I tried out for the high school football team.  Since I was one of the larger kids (and slower), the coaching staff determined I should be a lineman.  When they asked me which classes I was … Continue reading

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Why Do You Want This Job? vs. Why Do You Want To Leave?

I am working with a client who is considering a job change and it has been a few years since her last search.  During the course of the strategy session, she asked about how to deal with the interview question, … Continue reading

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