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Tips from Employers for Recent Grads

Last month, I had the fortune to sit down with a handful of recruiters and hiring managers to discuss recruiting entry-level talent.  Through the course of the discussion, many opinions were shared about a variety of recruiting topics, some of … Continue reading

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Proactive Prospecting

Many of us will start our career networking efforts once a suitable job is posted at an employer of choice – the idea being if you can find someone who can pass along your resume internally, you stand a better … Continue reading

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How Long?

Recently I read where experts suggest you should plan on your job search taking 1 month per $10,000 in salary…in short, plan on searching for 6 months for a $60,000 job.  While this is just an old measuring stick that … Continue reading

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My Job Search Story: Applications

In the past five months, I undertook a job search.  During this time I implemented many of the strategies and techniques that I encourage others to use in their searches.  In past posts, I covered my decision process of whether … Continue reading

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Personal Brand

In a recent workshop, college students were learning about the concept of one’s “Personal Brand”.  This is not to mean they should view themselves as a product like TIDE or a service such as the one provided by UPS. Rather … Continue reading

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Early or Late – Where to Invest Your Time?

I met with a client the other day to discuss his employment prospects .  At the meeting I discovered he is applying to everything that is posted on his campus job board.  He applies by firing off a cover letter … Continue reading

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Job Search Vortex – Beware

I was reading an interesting article today, Before You Apply: Answer 4 Important Questions.  In the article, Susan Joyce proposes answering the following four questions before taking the time to apply for a job: Do I want the job? Am I … Continue reading

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