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‘Tis the Season…

With the completion of Thanksgiving weekend, the holiday party season will kick into high gear.  Time for wine and cheese gatherings at the neighbors, a dinner with your spouse’s office, or celebration events with an alumni club/nonprofit/professional group. These gatherings … Continue reading

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Comfortable or Complacent?

With 2013 beginning to wind down, many people will use this time of year to take stock in their lives.  One part of that introspection will often include one’s career.  Individuals who have been doing the same job for multiple … Continue reading

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Tips from Employers for Recent Grads

Last month, I had the fortune to sit down with a handful of recruiters and hiring managers to discuss recruiting entry-level talent.  Through the course of the discussion, many opinions were shared about a variety of recruiting topics, some of … Continue reading

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Thank you Mick Jagger

“Remember that not getting what you want  is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”  – Dalai Lama I read the above quote and it reminded me of the many happenstance times in my life that I was convinced I knew … Continue reading

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Networking Tips from the Godfather II

A month ago, I wrote a piece about networking tips one could take from the movie, The Godfather.  In the piece, I focused on the scene where Marlon Brando’s character, the Godfather, assists the undertaker, who is in need, and … Continue reading

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