Go Where Your Eyes Are

When I was 14, I tried out for the high school football team.  Since I was one of the larger kids (and slower), the coaching staff determined I should be a lineman.  When they asked me which classes I was taking in school (honors track courses), they made me the center (the lineman who needs to make all the blocking calls and adjustments for the other linemen). I had never before played organized football and thus the concepts were new to me.  In one of my first practices, I learned a good life lesson.

We were in the midst of two-a-day practices and the offensive line coach was teaching us concepts like stance, firing off the ball, splits, holes, and pulling.  He had us doing individual drills where he would evaluate our stance, firing, and balance.  I was one of the first up.


Coach Weber took one look at my stance and walked in front of me, got down in a stance, turned his hat backwards and told me to fire off and hit him.  This was crazy.  He was old, he had no helmet or pads on – I could hurt this guy.  The assistant gave a snap cadence and I fired off.  I had to admit that it was going to feel good to hit this guy who was making me hit sleds, run sprints, do monkey rolls and more in 95 degree heat.  I fired off expecting to hit coach only to find myself laying face down on the ground.  I had not felt a thing.  He did not hit me nor did I hit him – I only felt a gentle nudge on the top of my helmet.  Truth be told, from the corner of my eyes, it did not appear that coach had even moved out of his stance.

When I had gotten into my stance my head was facing down.  When I fired off to hit coach, he only had to put his hand on top of my helmet, push slightly, and down I went onto the ground.

“Monahan – you go where your eyes are!” Coach Weber yelled.

In football parlance, this means you need to keep your eyes on your target.  My eyes were looking at the ground and that is exactly where I went.  In life, we also “Go Where Your Eyes Are”.  You need to keep focus on your target.  If you want to own your own company someday, you need to keep your eyes on that target and make choices that will help you reach that eventual goal.  99% of us do not end up owning a company by accident. If you want to lose ten pounds, you need to keep your eyes on that target and make choices that will help you attain the weight loss goal. No one loses ten pounds by accident.

Take some time today or this week and think about goals that you would like to achieve.  The goals can be short or long-term, a mix could be good, and then remember the words of Coach Weber, “You Go Where Your Eyes Are.”


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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3 Responses to Go Where Your Eyes Are

  1. Love this analogy. Great reminder to not only keep our eyes on our goals – but to set goals in the first place!

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