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Interview Tip from an Hiring Executive

I had the opportunity to speak with a senior executive about interviewing and he offered a few tips I would like to pass along to my readers.  The tips are not geared for entry-level roles, rather they are focused on … Continue reading

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Look Beyond the Paycheck

Recently several of my clients have asked for help in evaluating their job offers.  Those who graduated two weeks ago tend to be happy just to receive an offer that they do not spend much time in evaluating the details. … Continue reading

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Where Are You Running?

Burned out at work?  Tired of your routine?  Putting in 80 hours a week and no raises in the past two years? Boss giving you ulcers?  You may find yourself in an unhealthy work space and decide you need to … Continue reading

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Putting the “I” in Interview

In a recent discussion with recent graduates about the STAR Interview Answer format, I stressed the need to highlight how you contributed/your role during your interview answers.  Some attendees were concerned about being perceived as arrogant or cocky if they spoke … Continue reading

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Personal Brand

In a recent workshop, college students were learning about the concept of one’s “Personal Brand”.  This is not to mean they should view themselves as a product like TIDE or a service such as the one provided by UPS. Rather … Continue reading

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Go Where Your Eyes Are

When I was 14, I tried out for the high school football team.  Since I was one of the larger kids (and slower), the coaching staff determined I should be a lineman.  When they asked me which classes I was … Continue reading

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My Boss is a Nightmare

In my previous posts, I have addressed a few items you should consider when you are the internal candidate and you come in second in the hiring effort.  In addition to assessing whether to stay or leave, you should also … Continue reading

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