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“Who should I list as a reference?” is a question I receive from time to time.  I always tell the individual to choose people who can share details (projects, work ethic, examples, etc.) about their work and who have a … Continue reading

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Hiring Great Employees

A very good article on how to hire Extraordinary Employees from the site.  Geoffrey James highlights some solid tips for those who need to do some hiring – and job seekers may want to see some of the tips … Continue reading

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Moving Without a Job – A Leap of Faith?

In 1998, I left my job and moved from Atlanta to South Bend – without a job lined up.  Moving from a growing metropolis (Atlanta was still in the post-Olympic economic honeymoon) to a struggling small city did not seem … Continue reading

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Is Your Boss an Idiot?

In my work I coach many young professionals who are in their first job.  Often I hear comments like, “My boss is an idiot” or “She doesn’t know what she is doing.”  While I would love to tape these conversations … Continue reading

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Bad Boss = Bad Health

Sharon Jayson recently penned an article in USA Today highlighting some of the effects a bad boss can have on an employee.  One of the most damaging effects of a bad boss is the toll on an employee’s health.  In … Continue reading

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Being Present

Seems like my smartphone buzzes every few minutes – a gentle reminder that something or someone is trying to get my attention.  A meeting I am scheduled to attend, an email that requires a response, a phone call that needs … Continue reading

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