Job Security: Who Owns the Power; Employee or Employer?

Last week in a meeting, an executive posed an interesting thought about the concept of job security.  He stated that job security is dependent on either the employer or the employee.  Either one feels his/her employment prospects are tied to the health, and sometime whims, of one’s current employer or one believes he/she is marketable and thus can find work outside of one’s current situation.

If one feels that his/her job security rests with the employer – then the employer has all the power in the relationship. The employee is subject to the development opportunities provided by the employer, raises given by the employer, the advancement options offered by the employer – one’s career options are dictated by the opportunities presented by the employer.

If one feels that his/her job security rests within oneself – one is talented and has developed the requisite skills and network to take his/her talents to another organization – the power rests in the hands of the employee.  If one experiences an inability for advancement due to personnel, he can opt to take another job at another organization.  If one experiences dissatisfaction at development opportunities or compensation, she can opt to leave the current organization and find a new opportunity.

Believing your job security rests within your own control is a very powerful stance to assume when dealing with one’s career.  To truly have the power in the relationship, one has to be confident in his or her abilities and be willing to leave if a better opportunity presented itself.  I have witnessed several individuals where the power of job security rests within their control – two common traits among these individuals are a level of comfort with risk and being entrepreneurial in nature.  While they may not run their own businesses, they approach their careers as if they were launching a business by trying to find a niche that they can meet for a client.

Food for thought – are your job prospects bound by your employer or by you?  If it is the latter,then you need to take charge of owning your career.  This means you are responsible of your development.  You are responsible for your advancement.  You are responsible for developing a network that will allow you to grow and act upon opportunities as they arise.


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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