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Warning: Start Looking for a New Job

Alison Greene pens a wonderful blog entitled, Ask a Manager.  In one of her latest offerings, she details 8 Signs You Should Look for a New Job.  In short: 1. Your company or division is struggling financially. 2. You notice that you’re … Continue reading

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Is Email Killing Your Job Prospects?

Email is a wonderful creation that has sped up communications (and partially doomed the USPS) allowing individuals to stay in better contact.  However, many of us inadvertently hurt our job search with common email mistakes.  Many of the tips below … Continue reading

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Building a Network

Great post by Miriam Salpeter for US News & World Report about building one’s network. I like the step-by-step guide – although it is important to know that each person will have a slightly different path to building his/her network. … Continue reading

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Beating “Apply Online”

In my recent post from a couple of days ago, I wrote about why employers require applicants to apply online.  Their reasons are legitimate, but one cannot be satisfied with only applying through a company’s website; this is just one … Continue reading

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Resume Black Hole

Many job seekers feel applying online on a company’s career site is like throwing their resume into a black hole; it will never be seen again.  Why do companies require this step? I have found three main reasons why employers … Continue reading

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Three Basic Interview Questions

Great article in Forbes, I feel it sums up what an employer is trying to discover about a candidate through an interview process: Three True Job Interview Questions

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Company Culture

Some folks are cut out for start-ups and would wilt in a large Fortune 500 environment.  Others would find the unpredictability of not knowing if your job will be here next month too nerve wracking and prefer a more stable (if … Continue reading

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