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Danger Signs When Job Hunting

I focus quite a bit on what employers look for in applicants, how to present oneself to an employer, so when I read this post about the 8 Danger Signs When You’re Job Searching by Alison Green, I had to share. … Continue reading

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Outdated Advice

Still need to print your resume on resume paper?  Are Objective statements necessary? Read 10 Outdated Pieces of Job Search Advice from US News. Be careful when following the advice – the author(s) put some parameters on some of the information. … Continue reading

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Attention Fatigue

I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today about attention fatigue.  If you can get past the example of the nine year-old daughter and her multiplication tables (some of the commentators could not), there is an interesting … Continue reading

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Combating Age Discrimination

The employment outlook for the 50+ crowd is not inspiring at all.  The nature of the workforce is structured for a lack of higher level positions being available within tradition companies.  In addition, the salary requirements of more senior members … Continue reading

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Cover Letter Thoughts from a Hiring Manager

These tidbits about cover letters were shared with me today by a hiring manager – they may not always be true, but the information is good food for thought.  His musings: He rarely reads the cover letter, but it is … Continue reading

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Job Seekers Face More Testing

A year ago, I wrote that job seekers should be prepared to face more pre-employment personality testing and cognitive exams, and according to Aberdeen Group out of Boston, MA, job seekers are facing more tests/assessments during the interviewing process.  The … Continue reading

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Networking Tips from Businessweek

Great article – many of the same tips, but good to reinforce them. Six Networking Coups to Win Jobs

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