When Are You Most Productive?

Great article in the CareerJournal blog by Rachel Emma Silverman:

When Are You Most Productive?

The focus of the article is on one’s workday and rearranging tasks to better suit your peak schedule – this got me thinking, why not use this in one’s job search?

Networking meetings, informational interviews, and job interviews should be scheduled (when possible) to align with your peak times.  If you are not a morning person, avoid meeting the networking contact for a pre-work coffee and opt for an afternoon java get-together.

Also, consider other’s time highs/lows when job searching.  Friday afternoon or at the end of most workdays are most likely a deadly times to reach out to someone requesting a networking meeting/informational interview.  Evaluate your successes/failures – if you find early morning to be a good time for you to reach out to potential contacts, keep that going.

Knowing yourself and when you are at your best can used as an advantage in your career efforts.


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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