Companies with the Most Difficult Interview Process

Recently, conducted a survey of its members concerning members’ interviewing experiences at various companies.  They were asked to rate the difficulty level of their interviewing experience as well as their satisfaction at the company.  Interesting – difficulty interviews led to better employee satisfaction.  See Glassdoor’s original posting: (a site dedicated to career information for the finance sector) went a step further to ask some of the firms about their interviewing process and what were some of the common mistakes made by candidates.

FINS: Toughest Companies for a Job Interview

One piece that many of these “tough” interviews have in common is using Case Interviews during the process.  In short, Case Interviews consist of the applicant being presented with a scenario, some data, and a problem/question that needs to be answered.  The candidate then needs to work through the question using the data provided, asking probing questions, and making some calculated assumptions along the way.  It can be a stressful situation if one is not prepared.

I will offer some tips on handling Case Interviews in future posts.  As a primer, check out:















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