Three Questions – Number 3

What gives you joy?

What are you good at?

Now for the final question, and one that really hits home…

Question #3:

Is There a Need For It In The World (or community)?

Talking about the Yankees with friends gives me joy.  Even if they are losing, I enjoy dissecting their season – although it is much more fun when they win!  I believe I am good at it as I have closely followed the franchise for 30 years…but I there is no for an expert on the New York Yankees in the community where I live.

While it is important to consider a vocation that gives you joy and in which you are skilled, one needs to evaluate if someone would pay you to do this job.  Does your vocation fill a need or provide a good or service that is desired by your community?  Fr. Himes used the example of being a shepherd living in an urban environment.  It may bring you joy and you may be skilled at it, but there is not much of a need if you live in Manhattan.  You could move…or you could consider other options.

When considering if there is a need for your vocation in the world – start first with your local community.  Geography affects our careers as we may need to adjust our career choices or consider moving to a locale that fosters one’s desired vocation.  If I want to be a solar energy guru, South Bend, Indiana is not the best place to launch my career.  Either I need to adjust my career choice or my location.

So there you have it…three questions to consider when discerning one’s vocation.  Does it (your career) give you Joy? Are you good at it? Is there a need for your job/good/services in your community?  To read a transcript of Fr. Himes’ talk, please visit:

Fr. Himes – Vocation Discernment


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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