Thank You: Who Gets One

So you just interviewed with 8 different people with an organization for a job you really want.  Two were lunch meetings, one was a tour of the facility, one hiring manager, two potential co-workers and and HR rep.  So who do you send a thank you note to?  Should each one be the same?  Can one large thank you cover the entire group?

Safe answer, but the most work, is send a thank you note to everyone.  Be sure to put effort into each note and personalize each one, but do make sure the decision makers’ notes get some extra attention.   Some job hunters have sent gifts (ex: fruit basket) – personally, I think this is a poor idea as it is crossing a line – what line I am not sure, but a fruit basket crosses it.

Another poor idea is to thank using a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace.  Sending an email thank you is one thing, asking to “friend” someone in order to say thank you is crossing the line of professional interactions.

What advice do folks have for thank you notes to help job hunters make a solid final impression?


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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