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Happy Labor Day!  A young alum recently shared her story about using LinkedIn to assist with her job search.

When I was looking for a job after school, I first narrowed down my search to location. Then, I researched companies in that location. I also used IrishOnline to see where alums were working, to get additional company ideas. I looked for jobs online – through job boards, craigslist, company postings – but when I found a position that seemed interesting, I would look on both IrishOnline and LinkedIn to see if there was a Notre Dame alum who worked at that company. I would then send them a brief email, explaining that I was interested in their company, and would they please share more about how they got involved. I had a very high response rate – most everyone was willing to spend a half hour of their time to talk with me. And while I never explicitly said “can you find me a job,” most people would end the conversation with, “please send me your resume – I know who to pass it on to.” And if there weren’t any open positions, they would offer suggestions on my job search, or know of someone at a different company who was hiring.

For my current job, I used LinkedIn more, and found the actual job posting on the site. What makes LinkedIn better than submitting your resume through a company’s jobs website, is that your resume goes directly to a person. On LinkedIn, you can also search for people who work at a specific company and reach out to them for help, but it’s often awkward when you have nothing in common. With the Notre Dame network, I remember searching for people at many companies, and I would more often than not find someone who went to ND listed. So of course I would contact them first!

I hope this tale will inspire you to get back out there and reach out for face to face meetings or phone calls.  Let the power of networking help you get your foot in the door with some firms – remember, it only takes one person/one lead/one passing along of your resume to help you land that next job so don’t give up.


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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