No One is Hiring

Sorry for the gap in posts – was away for a bit.

I received an email the other day and in the body of the email the individual wrote about how there are no one is hiring.  This person has spoken to a number of individuals and received the same information, “We are not hiring at this time.” (will comment on the networking approach in tomorrow’s blog).  So let’s be blunt – the job outlook stinks.  Is it going to get better next week, next month – most likely no.  Next year, probably. Accept this fact and make a choice:

  1. Give up and hope for the economy and job market improves
  2. Control what you can control – your approach and attitude about the situation

I am a firm believer that today, July 28th, someone in your target industry/job function/target company will quit, be fired, receive a promotion, relocate, retire, take a job with another firm, etc. and an opening will arise from this action.  In addition, all across the US today, a new account was landed at a company, a start-up is experiencing growth, a company is planning a new product launch, etc. and each of these organizations need talent to help them with their growth.  As someone in the job search, I take the approach that there are opportunities out there each day, the key is to be well networked so one hears about an opportunities as they open.

To help you find these growth opportunities, I recommend looking at industry trends by monitoring industry sites/blogs/journals.  Who is coming out with the next new piece of technology/drug/device; who just landed a large account (ex: think back to when Accenture landed the Border Security contract); who is experiencing solid growth (check out INC 500/5000 lists –  Another good idea is to follow where money is being spent – an example is the money pouring into medical technology from the federal government.  Companies like Epic – providers of technology for electronic medical records – are hiring.  Finally, what industries are experiencing growth?  The pharmaceutical industry has been strong, so if you are interested in advertising, look into agencies that specialize in the healthcare field such as DigitasHealth or Abelson-Taylor.

This post is not meant to downplay how difficult it is out there when looking for a job, I just prefer to focus on the positives and what aspects of my job search that are in my control.


About Kevin Monahan

I have 10+ years experience in coaching clients in their career management and career change efforts. Personal career consulting services combined with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituents.
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